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The number 1 struggle every business says they have is getting targeted leads.

Contest Marketing is as old as time, but often maligned –
mainly because people don’t know how to do it right!

planetMitch knows how to make contests go ‘viral’ and has over 6 years running campaigns for clients like FUJIFILM and RØDE as well as teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs how to do it on their own.

“Skyrocket Your Business with Viral Contest Marketing”
will take your marketing to a new level along with your leads.

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Many people believe the myth that 'contest leads don't buy' well I'm here to disprove that. 

PLANNING your campaign is the #1 way to get people to buy after they sign up for your list... because you want ONLY people who are interested in YOUR OFFER.

Take this course now and learn how to attract and motivate your ideal clients who will spend money on your product/service.


WIN - Planning - It is all about Defying Gravity
WIN - The Viral Campaign Process Introduction
Win - Planning - MarketPlan Overview
WIN - Planning - The Simple Viral Loop Process
WIN - Planning - Simple Loop with Autoresponder added
WIN - Planning - Adding Rewards to our Viral Loop
WIN - Planning - Custom Actions
WIN - Planning - Yes, you can do Retargeting to those who don't sign up
WIN - Planning - The One-Click Signup
WIN - Planning - Adding a giveaway to a store
WIN - Planning - Adding a giveaway to a webinar
WIN - Planning - Adding a giveaway to a Product Launch video process
WIN - Planning - Replacing the Lead page with a Survey
Get Started on Planning
Nail down your Avatar
What incentives do you need?
The perfect prize

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About planetMitch


With over 5 years of running viral marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients, planetMitch is a leader in the field.


Entrepreneurs and growing businesses hire him to run viral contests to build an email list that brings 58% more revenue than any other traditional marketing.


Blast thru your contest planning

You want to get straight to building the contest pages, but 
start with PLANNING and build a 1000% better campaign with greater response and more highly targeted leads!

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WIN Planning Everything

How to plan the best contest/sweepstakes ever for your business

Skyrocket Your Business with Viral Contest Marketing

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